Born and raised on the outskirts of the North Zone of São Paulo Junior Dread is a unique artist  who for 20 years has made his music the vehicle of a positive and universal message, able to connect, unite, inspire and impact the most diverse types of people, age groups and nationalities.
   Whether as a singer or as a cultural activist , his work comes to break barriers and cross borders, inspiring everyone who has the chance to listen to his music and know his history.
   The love for black music in general and the passion for reggae music made him deepen his culture leading him to develop a work of prominence in Brazil and abroad in the segment, which makes him able to work with the biggest names on the national and international scene participating in shows and festivals throughout Brazil and abroad , from Europe to Japan , from the US to Australia, from New Zealand to Costa Rica.
    It was in the year 2000 that he began his professional career as vocalist and composer of the band Reggae Style that achieved great projection in the state of São Paulo to the point of being sponsored by Fauzy Beydoun da Tribo de Jah, Band of national renown.
   Fauzy through his label "Central Reggae" made the band national success in the reggae scene , leading them to perform from north to south of the country opening shows of the Tribe of Jah in major festivals as International Festival of São Luís do Maranhão for more than 5 thousand people, Festival Ceará Music for more than 50 thousand people and the festival Carnareggae for more than 80 thousand people in Charles Müller square in Sp, besides several venues and events in general promoting the tour of the album "Amid the chaos" released by the label Indie Records.
   In 2005 Junior Dread participates in the song and music video for "Exército do Rap" by the duo "Heliao & Negra Li" released by Universal Records , the music video wins the award for best rap video of the VMB awards held by MTV.

Together with the English duo Kahn & Neek participated in the album "Rise" released in
Vinyl in Europe and was a sales success with over a million plays on youtube and that made him invited to do another tour of shows in Australia , New Zealand and several countries in Europe (London, Spain, Portugal and Czech Rep) 
   From 2011 to 2012 he continued to release a series of singles along with several producers from São Luís do Maranhão, Espírito Santo , Rio de Janeiro and São Pualo.
What made him participate in great reggae festivals in Belém, Recife, Fortaleza, São Luis do Maranhão , Natal, Minas Gerais , Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
In 2012 he released the EP IWA , sales success with more than 10,000 copies sold independently which prompted him to be invited for 2 months to open all the concerts of the Brazilian tour of the legendary Jamaican band "The Gladiators".
After the tour was nominated by Reggae Brasil magazine as revelation artist and won the award, performing at the festival "Best of Reggae" next to the biggest names on the national scene in an event for more than 4 thousand people in "Central Do Brasil" in the east.
    From 2013 to 2014 he continued to tour the EP IWA in Brazil until being invited to another tour of shows in Europe , performing in London in the United Kingdom , Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic.
   In 2015 he was invited to join the independent label URK Music and in 2016 he released the album "Saiba Viver" produced by Alexandre Basa ( producer of Black Alien, Institute) and by none other than Junior Marvin, legendary guitarist of the world’s greatest reggae icon , the Jamaican 
Bob Marley.
   In 2016 he made 2 shows of the album release accompanied by Junior Marvin on guitar in a historic show at the festival "Meeting of the Tribes" and an appearance on the TV show The Night" with Danilo Gentili also accompanied by the legendary guitarist.

Alongside the Jamaican Yaadcore did a series of concerts and tours in Minas Gerais , Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, then a tour of Brazil opening shows of various international attractions from north to south of the country and another international tour of shows in the USA and then in Europe with shows in Spain, Scotland, London and Portugal.
   Also in 2016 the Cicas Project , through intense mobilization with various cultural collectives and government agencies manages to revitalize the city hall an abandoned house in the North Zone region making it one of the main cultural houses of São Paulo.
The Cultural House of Vila Guilherme.
In 2017 held a series of cultural events in partnership with Casarão Cultural and a series of shows in the CEUS, cultural houses and "Cultural Factories" of São Paulo.
In the year 2018 Junior Dread continues the routine of concerts around Brazil until he is invited to participate in the project "Reggae in Concert" with the Symphony Jazz Orchestra in a two-day presentation at the Latin American Memorial and which was broadcast by TV Cultura.
In 2019 he is invited to another concert tour in Europe with shows in Spain and for the first time in France, Switzerland and Costa Rica. Also in 2019 performs another tour of shows on the west coast of the US and the second in the same year in Costa Rica.
   In Brazil makes another tour through the Northeast with shows in Fortaleza, Natal, Fernando de Noronha, Aracaju, Bahia , Jericoacoara and Belém do Pará.
   In 2020 released the song "Estresse" produced by producer Devasto with participation of the teen hit Vitão and big names of national rap like Rashid and Corujab6.
   In the beginning of 2020 makes another series of shows in São Paulo and another tour through the Northeast with shows in Natal, Jericoacoara and Fernando de Noronha.
Then came the pandemic of Covid 19 and with the cancellation of concerts and festivals Junior Dread moves to Camburi North Coast of São Sebastião and starts to release only singles and music videos with Brazilian and international producers.
Since March 2020 the Cultural House remains closed for events , performing only "Lives" and previously recorded workshops.
In July 2021 Junior Dread released the album "Equality" produced by Dubkaz of Japan.
The album has reached a large number of plays on digital platforms and strengthening the name of the singer in the international scene.
   In October the singer made his first tour in Mexico with a series of shows in the capital.
Now with the vaccine, the world returns to normality the singer prepares another tour in BRAZIL.